Trust and enthusiasm behind Twinkle

TWINKLE 2015, Finland’s largest business event about international competence and growth, took place in Tampere Hall in December. It was brought to life by over 100 volunteers, speakers and facilitators. There were about 800 attendees at TWINKLE, among them representatives from companies and organizations as well as international talents.

Gloria Zuñiga, CEO of Decoark Oy, partner of Ecomation Oy and TWINKLE Seminars Coordinator is proud of the outcome. “Twinkle was our baby. We built it from scratch in just 9 months. In order to make it, many plan A’s had to be turned into plan B’s at short notice. That took courage.”

Team TWINKLE consisted of different nationalities, and the greatest incentive for the team was co-creation. The volunteers were given responsibility in the areas they showed interest in. “If you believe people can do their part and show them your support, they will excel. The planning of TWINKLE was invigorating.”

Even several weeks after TWINKLE 2015, Gloria still bubbles with enthusiasm: “When I sat in my car after TWINKLE, my cheeks ached from all that smiling.”

Laura Lindeman, Talent Attraction Manager at Tredea Oy, explains how TWINKLE and the Talent Tampere Network are connected: “Talent Tampere was launched as a platform for connecting international talents and companies 1.5 years ago. TWINKLE started as a part of it, giving talented people a chance to network, thus find new opportunities for projects and work. For companies, it was the opportunity to discover bright ideas from international talents living in Finland–ready to co-operate with them and to help grow global.“

The innovative way in which Twinkle was organized gave Laura a huge aha moment. Why should public services be developed somewhere in an office and then see whether they catch fire in the field or not? “People, who actually use those services, know what works best. That’s why they should be trusted, allowed to plan and co-create. Our task is to support them.”

Gloria Zuñiga (left) and Laura Lindeman show trust and enthusiasm at Twinkle aftertalk.