Twinkle 2014


The international talents of the Tampere region were seen shining together at the Twinkle 2014 event. Nearly 150 people got together at Torni Hotel and discussed why Tampere is the best place for international talents to work, do business and create something new. This was their conclusion:

– Tampere is the right size but with plenty of potential for growth. The quality of education is excellent. Many people speak English and think innovatively.


The Twinkle2014 event enabled talents and employers as well as established and future entrepreneurs from different sectors to come together and initiate new forms of cooperation. Participants were encouraged to speak out and make a difference. Great ideas, innovations and job opportunities are best found and created together. Those with international work experience often find that multicultural teams are a driving force of success.

-  Local companies should notice and put to better use the skills and networks of international talents. Their assets are absolutely necessary in my company’s sales department, says Tuomas Pahlman, the CEO of TTS-Ciptec.


An international talent can be a foreigner or a Finn. It is more a question of perspective and a way of doing things. Päivi Myllykangas, the CEO of the Economic Development Agency of Tampere Region Tredea describes an international talent as someone who is curious, able to adapt to changing circumstances and to network.

­– International talents have language skills and cultural knowledge, but also the ability to work anywhere. Their contributions in promoting exports, sales and marketing could really boost the Tampere region.


Twinkle is a groundbreaking kind of event and the beginning of something unprecedented. It is an invitation to co-create and innovate together. Twinkle gathers together a pool of international talents because new ways of thinking, working and problem-solving are needed. Mikko Lassila, the Global Sales Development Manager of Exel Composites, got an enthusiastic show of hands when he asked how many were going to participate in Twinkle2015.

­– I hope people will take on the challenge and run with it, even if the ideas are still on an abstract level. In any case we’re in the process of creating the next big thing, closely linked with innovation. In 2015 I want to see many more international companies get involved!


The key to resolving many issues is multicultural cooperation. One of the key note speakers of Twinkle2014, Anders Breitholtz, the CEO of MaterialConneXion calls for worldwide cross-pollination as the way forward.

­– Creative solutions to societal problems are found when different experts from around the world share their viewpoints. Someone’s question may turn out to be someone else’s answer. We need these kinds of global approaches to find ways to deal with issues such as environmental crises that concern the entire planet.


Here is how Twinkle participants would like to develop the city in which they live:

– I want to organise more events, where foreigners could get information about the local work life, meet employers and promote various issues in international workshops, says Joanna Julia Rybicka.

– Tampere is my home. I want to see growing and developing international relations and cooperation, says Roberto Castagno, the honorary consul for Italy.

– I try to help integrate anyone who comes to Tampere from Latin America. I grew up here, I’ve studied here – I am a part of the Tampere region that shines so brightly, exclaims Gloria Zúñiga.


The English-speaking Twinkle 2014 event was organised by Talent Tampere.  Do you wish to be a part of the international Talent Tampere LinkedIn group? Join us here!

All this - and a lot more - is  T  W  I  N  K  L  E  !

What happened after Twinkle 2014? The Twinkle Movement heading for Twinkle 2015 on 7-8 December was intiated. Read more in: www.twinkletampere.fi

Who wants to make Twinkle 2015 happen? Photo by Kirsi Kokko​
Who wants to make Twinkle 2015 happen? Photo by Kirsi Kokko​