TWINKLE Association moving forward! Join the annual meeting on 12.10.2016

On April 21st this year, the TWINKLE Association was launched in Tampere. The Association is the outcome of the movement that started in 2014, which aims to inspire people and businesses to interact and to discover the potential of diversity. The TWINKLE Association promotes the understanding of multiculturalism, co-creation, and networking.

The Association is guided by a board of 5 representatives, and supported by a large group of active members. The TWINKLE Association members consists of international talents, companies and organizations. Altogether we achieve our aims with courageous, passionate and dedicated volunteers, and our work is based on the rules of common trust and respect.

Since its formation, the Association has been handling different activities. There are various elements of the Association which maintain its smooth operation: on the one hand, all the administrative and management issues, and on the other hand, different visits and conversations with partners and organizations. As a result of cooperation with our partners, we are running some projects, e.g. the MukavaIT Idea Competition and the 3DSTEP printing event.

This autumn, the TWINKLE Association will run the first plenary meeting on Wednesday, October 12th, where we will summarize the 2016 and upcoming activities, discuss the planning of TWINKLE 2017 event, and undertake the election of a chairperson and board members.

We invite you to join the TWINKLE Association, and to be an active part of different networking and creative activities! Read more about us at: http://twinklenetwork.fi/

Want to contact us? info@twinklenetwork.fi