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TWINKLE 2015 app for your phone is available -
check it out!

The programme for the entire TWINKLE 2015 event has been released as a free app for iPhone and Android smart phones. The app contains all the necessary information; you will be able to save the most interesting seminars and workshops in your favorites and receive current messages related to them. You can familiarise yourself with the event’s speakers, partners and the event map.

Load your own TWINKLE 2015 event programme app from the links below! Online and Windows versions of the app can be found at m.twinkletampere.fi

Haltu develops online services for internet and mobile
Haltu, a programming company from Tampere, has been an important partner in producing the TWINKLE 2015 event app. Entrepreneur Mikko Sävilahti wanted to take part in TWINKLE, because the organisers share the same enthusiasm and values as Haltu people. It was easy to join the movement. ”I can’t imagine where else it would be possible to join such a high-level and rich networking environment. In TWINKLE it is possible to find surprising contacts by just telling what you do – whether you are involved as a business or an individual”, he says.

”International markets are a huge opportunity for Finns. We have the right skills and a high work ethic, but networks and methods to become international are often missing. With the input of international talents we are better able to understand the markets elsewhere, target our products in the right way and take cultural differences and other local factors into consideration.”

Twinkle app: Mikko Sävilahti, Haltu Oy mikko@haltu.fi, +358-50-3506464

TWINKLE Tools - collect your tool box for your business to go international!

Would you like to know how your company’s products and services can be launched to international markets? In the TWINKLE Tools sessions, public and private sector experts and professionals of various fields provide concrete tools for your company’s internationalisation and growth. If the United States as a market interest you, for instance, it is definitely worth your while to go listen to Mike Klyszeiko, Director of Launchpad USA at AmCham’s (The American Chamber of Commerce in Finland) who will give a presentation titled ”Breaking into the US Market: 5 Things to Know Before You Go”.

Eashan Salhotra encourages the use of opportunities in multiculturalisam
One of the most active volunteers of the TWINKLE movement, Eashan Salhotra, TWINKLE’s social media coordinator, is from India and considers Finland his second home. He appreciates the Finns’ warm-heartedness, equality, honesty and industriousness. At the same time he encourages us to better utilise the opportunities brought by immigrants and multiculturalism.
”In order for Finland to maintain its position, it needs to embrace the power of internationalisation. Partnering with TWINKLE’s multicultural volunteers has taught me that problems can be solved in many innovative ways, and that people from different backgrounds can have a different concept of the same issue”, he points out.
TWINKLE-blog encourages conversation
The TWINKLE blog is a collection of current articles that deal with topics such as diversity, change, entrepreneurship, international skills, multiculturalism and international business. ”Twinkle’s speakers, like Emilia Lahti's and Will Cardwell's articles about sisu and pioneer immigrants are eye-opening and motivating. You can also find blog entries about the TWINKLE movement’s ideology written by TWINKLE volunteers, partners and international talents”, Eashan Salhotra says.
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Come to Twinkle!
Is your business seeking growth through internationalisation and contacts in the target country? Are you interested in the mega trends of business life or the new winds of product development? Come to TWINKLE!

The TWINKLE 2015 event will be held in Tampere Hall on 7-8 December 2015. TWINKLE offers viewpoints on internationalisation, business life’s mega trends and innovations. The goal of the event is to act as a platform where businesses devise and innovate new kinds of international business with international talents of various backgrounds. Tampere Regional Economic Development Agency Tampere Tredea Oy coordinates the event where nearly 2000 attendees are expected. The event is in English.
Buy your ticket(s) now! Registration and tickets from: http://www.twinkletampere.fi/blog/registration/

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