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TWINKLE Match connects TWINKLE participants

All participants who are registered for TWINKLE 2015 have access to the Brella networking tool for TWINKLE Match. This tool facilitates finding interesting contacts and scheduling meetings ahead of the event. These meetings are short, 15 minute face-to-face meetings, with the meeting point assigned by Brella. ”A guest no longer needs to be concerned about whether or not they will find valuable contacts at the upcoming event, because now they can already know beforehand. Brella makes planning easier and time use more efficient during TWINKLE”, says

Janne Puustinen, a networking tools developer who is also one of the founders of MEOM Oy.

How does one register for Brella? ”When you have registered for TWINKLE, you will receive an invitation through email to become a user of Brella. You may sign in to Brella using LinkedIn or create your own password. In addition to basic information, you will be asked about your interests at the event – according to which Brella will recommend potential contacts. On Brella you may yourself browse through the users or search for contacts, such as with Google, according to title, different subjects and interests.”

With the help of Brella you may also get involved in solving the challenges of businesses in the Brightshop workshops. From the interest list, select a Brightshop that interests you, so that you may get your ideas and skills visible. Brightshop participants will be confirmed shortly before the event.

Janne Puustinen himself will also be at the TWINKLE event: ”There will be interesting speeches, we will seek new, valuable contacts, and possibly new employees and new financial patterns. It is great to be part of such a big, new event concept and construction.”

TWINKLE World invites you on a journey to world discovery

At TWINKLE World different embassies from different countries provide information regarding trade and investment opportunities in that country, the business-culture, as well as the services offered to businesses. ”The goal is to help businesses enter new markets by strengthening their networks and knowledge base. For the embassies, TWINKLE World is not only a chance to strengthen trade relations but also form closer relationships with the region’s businesses and organisations. So far, at least 17 countries are coming, but more still have time to join”, says TWINKLE World coordinator Katariina Tcheuffa.

TWINKLE World is open both days from 13.00 - 18.00, and invites visitors on a trip of discovery across different continents. Asia, Africa, America and sections of Europe can be found within a lounge atmosphere that encourages active networking and information retrieval. ”You can stop in at TWINKLE World more than once over the course of the event. During the afternoon coffee break, head to the scene to enjoy a cup of coffee and hear compact country introductions," she says. Katariina works with Paloma Bautista Sanchez, an architect from Gran Canaria, who answers for the visual image of TWINKLE World.

PEOPLE MAKING TWINKLE POSSIBLE:Paloma Bautista Sánchez: ”The best thing about TWINKLE is a warm feeling of belonging”

Paloma Bautista Sánchez, architect of TWINKLE, who is passionate about creativity, calls TWINKLE World in Sorsapuisto Hall a magical room. “It is a great challenge to plan 1 300 square meters of space to be a limitless lounge-style exhibit without it looking like a furniture store. But this is a question of creativity, and I have really enjoyed myself, " she smiles.

Paloma is actively seeking new projects and opportunities that she could join, “New experiences, meeting people who are interesting and from different backgrounds – as well as learning new things – are important to me. It is great to belong to something, and that is what is best about TWINKLE: a warm feeling of belonging. The greatest thing is to understand my belonging within a vast movement that has been created by people around the world. They have great ideas, they are without prejudice and are motivated in seeking the same selfless objective: get the world to shine.

“Welcome to TWINKLE World – an exciting trip around the world is waiting for you!”


Featured: TWINKLE TALK and TWINKLE NIGHT host Trent Pancy

Monday’s TWINKLE Talk and TWINKLE Night evening entertainment will be hosted by improvisational performer, comedian, actor and producer Trent Pancy, who comes originally from Michigan in the United States. He has lived in Tampere since August 2010 and directs an improvisation theater’s education center, The improvAcademy, which appears at events all over Finland. The improvAcademy’s show will also be seen at TWINKLE Night.

"TWINKLE is a wonderful opportunity to meet creative and motivated people as well as a great opportunity to bring my skills and my business forward. I also hope to see during TWINKLE other creative companies with initiative from Tampere and from further away. I always enjoy working in cooperation with different projects, and track vigilantly which appear to be fun or interesting," he says.
Trent Pancy will give tips during TWINKLE about, among other things, how to initiate small talk.

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