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TWINKLE 2015 Early Bird offer ends soon - register fast!

A new kind of business event, TWINKLE 2015, takes over Tampere Hall on the 7th and 8th of December – challenging companies and international talents to co-create and interact. Early Bird tickets to the event are available until the end of October.
TWINKLE is a dynamic forum for companies and international talents where tools for utilising internationally-minded talents – both Finns and foreigners – will be incubated. The aim is to contribute to Finland’s fertile platform for international expertise and business.

Over 2000 guests and 40 top speakers will arrive from all over Finland and abroad. TWINKLE is inviting new partners, companies and international talents to come and co-create new directions for global business. Foreign embassies, Team Finland organisations, institutes for higher education and chambers of commerce are also joining the event.

The Tampere Region Economic Development Agency is coordinating the organisation of the event. Check out this link for a video of Tredea´s CEO Päivi Myllykangas and Tampere Hall´s CEO Pauliina Ahokas explaining why it's a good idea to get inspired about TWINKLE.
Twinkle shines with international competence, business opportunities and global networks. Register today!
For more information and to register for TWINKLE click here.

TWINKLE BrightShops, where international talents solve challenges facing companies – there's still time to join!

During TWINKLE, companies can present their challenges in BrightShops to be solved by international talents. Laura Lindeman, Talent Attraction Manager at Tredea and responsible for general management of TWINKLE, explains:
"In BrightShops, innovative product thinking is explored by a multidisciplinary team of experts. An example of this could be to find new purposes for a product, or to find fresh approaches for promoting a product that's entering a new market field."

"Our goal is to challenge old approaches and collide ideas so, for instance, marketing is not only thought about by marketing experts, but also by people with different backgrounds – new comers and veterans alike," Laura adds. "In addition, some of the seminar speakers of TWINKLE will be joining BrightShops as facilitators and moderators."

October is the last chance to sign up to sponsor a BrightShop and get your own pre-selected challenge solved by a team of international experts. If you would like your company to participate in BrightShops, contact BrightShop manager Doina Mucundorfean directly by calling +358 40 7455 958, or send an email to doina.mucundorfean@haarla.fi.
A BrightShop innovator from the land of vampires
Doina Mucundorfean, from Transylvania in Romania, is manager of BrightShops and an OC-member of TWINKLE. She graduated from TAMK in 2011 with a BBA in international business and is currently a sales assistant and logistics coordinator at Haarla Oy. Doina inspires companies to join BrightShops with an open mind:
"It's a time-saver and less expensive than using consultants – instead your company’s challenges are given to a multidisciplinary and international team lead by an expert as the facilitator," Doina explains. "Perhaps ready-made solutions won’t be created during a two hour session, but BrightShops will certainly give companies new perspectives on how to approach a chosen direction.
"A BrightShop could be the beginning of something completely unexpected and amazing. Shouldn't every company search for something new and different – to find a competitive advantage within the market field?"
Doina believes that behind every company's success are its personnel's know-how, ideas and resourcefulness. "Diversity can be an opportunity for Finland to rise from recession," she points out. "The aim is for TWINKLE to act as a platform for functioning ideas that will provide benefits in real life and the economy of the country. My wish is for TWINKLE to help people find each other and see that differences between people and cultures can sometimes be an amazing benefit – one that creates growth and innovations."
Bright ideas sparkle in TWINKLE Dialogue sessions

Instead of just sitting down and listening, participants of TWINKLE Dialogue sessions get to take part in the discussions themselves. In each interactive Dialogue session, a panel discussion is followed by a workshop where panellists direct and activate open discussions in smaller groups.

Gloria Zúñiga, seminar manager of TWINKLE, explains:
"Within each theme there are questions that are prepared in advance, and then solved in an open discussion. Participants have a chance to interact with experts, act as inventors of new ideas, and evaluate which of the ideas would work best within their own professions and companies. "A Dialogue session ends with a panel, selected by the participants, concluding the outcomes of the group’s discussion," she says.

The following subjects and panellists for Dialogue sessions have been confirmed:
Different Cultures – Different Leaderships
Panellists: Emilia Lahti, Soulaima Gourani, Nonna Babitzin, Saara Särmä
Finding your Passion: Entrepreneur or Employee
Panellists: Judith Owigar, Poornima Vijayashanker, Will Cardwell, Yuliya Nesterenko
Co-Creating Global Brands
Panellists: Jonas Kjellberg, Blanca Juti, Ola Ahlvarsson, Denise Jacob
Building International Bridges
Panellists: Petri Tuomela, Jouni Lyly-Yrjänäinen, Roberto Castagno


Optolevel is looking for new connections at TWINKLE

Optolevel Oy is a level surveillance systems manufacturer for tanker trucks in Nokia, Finland. They are one of TWINKLE’s sponsors and are providing storage for the event. Optolevel’s sales manager Maarit Heikkilä talks about why their company joined TWINKLE:

"At the event we will be looking to find new contacts to make our brand better known," she explains. "We joined TWINKLE to support a new kind of concept for experts and professionals to meet – one that we see as useful for forming new connections."

She encourages other companies to take part in TWINKLE as sponsors and guests. "A small group of professionals has created something big, so it's worth seeing what kind of possibilities this could bring to your company."

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