Twinkle Press-Picnic

TWINKLE 2015 brings international sparkle in Tampere 

Finland is impatiently waiting for a completely new kind of business event in December, when TWINKLE empowers Tampere Hall the 7th and 8th of December 2015. 

During Twinkle, Finnish companies and international talents work together to innovate and co-create new visions, as well as open doors to international business opportunities. In addition, companies can benefit from internationalization tools and a pool of 2000 Finnish and international talents. Businesses can also take advantage of cultural diversity by embracing varied skills and experiences that can carry broader perceptions to address difficulties. 

At the moment, Twinkle organizing committee is working hard to make the event possible.  Gloria Zúñiga CEO of Decoark Oy and member of Twinkle Organizing Committee is discussing with interesting speakers to support the event. In addition of companies and international talents, embassies and Team Finland organizations network have been invited to boost business internationalization. 

Twinkle gathers up internationally oriented skilled talents both Finnish and foreigners. “Twinkle brings up a vibrant vibe in the region, where international talents are openly welcomed. The event also follows our vision of Tampere as the capital for returning migrants. Twinkle is showing the region the power of international community” said Outi Lehtonen, the managing partner of Osuuskunta Paluun.

Already a number of Pirkanmaa’s companies are supporting Twinkle and the idea of internationalizing the expertise and business growth in the region. “It’s been a great honor to participate in the conceptualization of this new mega-event and we spread the word in our network of entrepreneurs to join the project”, said Päivi Lehtonen, the marketing director of Markkinointitoimisto Expression Oy; one of the event sponsors. 

Twinkle is organized and produced by a set of international volunteers living in Pirkanmaa region. The event is also coordinated by Tampere Region Economic Development Agency (TREDEA) and our sponsors make Twinkle a reality. “Twinkle shows that Tampere does not remain helpless in the economic cycle, but look forward and take actions together”, said Marjukka Hourunranta, Talent manager of Tredea Oy

Press picnic – 15 of June 2015, from 13-14h 
Twinkle press picnic is organized by Twinkle Organizing Committee and Paluu cooperative and take place in the Old Library Park, on Tammerkoski side, June 15th, from 13-14h. Come and hear more about Tampere’s new mega-business event! Coffee will be offered. 

Find information about Twinkle and the press-picnic:

  • Outi Lehtonen, outi.lehtonen@paluu.fi, 044 584 6689
  • Gloria Zúñiga, gloria@decoark.com, 050 370 5831
  • Marjukka Hourunranta, marjukka.hourunranta@tredea.fi, 040 820 1978
  • Beatriz  Arze, bmarze08@gmail.com, 050 912 0190
  • www.twinkletampere.fi (in English)