Twinkle Twinkle little star...

Have you ever wondered how to effectively expand your business network in the demanding Finnish job market? How you can grow in your field of expertise and present your skills to other professionals? How you can really promote yourself and for a moment, just to be in the centre of attention? For Twinkle team visibility of your talent does matter and we want you to be noticed. For us, international talents are the greatest value and the future of business transformation. Twinkle is an unique platform where you can really discover all hidden networking possibilities and enjoy the great celebration of cultural diversity in business life.

Our core mission is to bring together international talents and companies. Twinkle offers the space designed for you, where you can expand your network, stand up in the middle of a bright storm and tell your story. Being a part of Twinkle you are presenting your value straight to professionals and companies. We believe in human potential and cultural diversity. We believe in you.

The registration for TWINKLE 2015 event is now open! Buy your Talent Ticket now and get:

  • The full TWINKLE program
  • New contacts and networks
  • The opportunity to shine with your talent
  • The opportunity to be invited to company-specific Brightshops
  • New perspectives for internationalisation and global megatrends in business and innovations
  • Insight into companies’ challenges and opportunities in the global blended future
  • Pre-arranged sessions with other TWINKLE participants via a matchmaking tool
  • Inspiration and motivation provided by a diverse speaker pool
  • The possibility to take part in the creation of a new platform for internationalisation and growth

The Early Bird tickets are available unti October 31, 2015.

Don’t wait. Join us. Light up your star in Twinkle talents’ constellation.

Twinkle event will take place on 7-8 December 2015 in Tampere-talo.

Two days, 2,000 people from all over the world. Top speakers. Seminars and workshops. International talents and companies exchanging and co-creating.

Twinkle is initiated and created by Tampere’s international talent community. Twinkle is facilitated by Talent Tampere and Tampere Region Economic Development Company and funded by sponsors. There is a team of international volunteers that make Twinkle happen – for a brighter future, city and business.

Image by Piia Pälä, Expression