International Stories from Tampere

Meet the international professionals who share a love for Tampere – and get inspired by their stories!

Finlayson Art Area / Laura Vanzo

View From Pispala / Laura Vanzo


Tampere: Small in Size But Not in Thinking

Why a convinced cosmopolitan and a digital nomad ended up living in Tampere, Finland? Tampere Talent Ambassador Margarita Khartanovich shares her Tampere story.

Be Brave to Take The Road Less Traveled

Meet the Tampere Talent Ambassador Kelly Keodara. She came to Tampere with a purpose.

Starting a New Life in Finland

Tampere is our dream city to live, work and flourish, says Ashif and Afrida, couple originally from Bangladesh.

Belongingness With Tampere

Tampere Talent Ambassador Dixit K.C. believes, that one can call a place home when he or she finds a connection, a belongingness, with the place.

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