Be nice to people and enjoy the moment

Daniel ”Danny” Paul sits back in his office at Tullintori shopping centre. A lot has happened since moving to Tampere from India in 2008.

Danny’s Bollywood Dance Crew started out as a dance academy, but has now grown into a phenomenon. They have performed in shows and events in many countries, as well as on TV.

Regardless of age or other criteria, Danny often asks the audience to join them in dance – which they often do. What magic tricks does he use to make people enjoy themselves so easily? “You have to believe that there’s talent in the people and they’ll become as excited as you are.”

Danny emphasizes the educational aspect of dance. ”This is not all about Bollywood. It’s about dance in general, being kind and enjoying the moment.“

If you walked into Danny’s studio, you would see kids doing yoga and homework. Wait, kids? One of the more recent branches of DBDC – in collaboration with the City of Tampere – is kids’ afternoon clubs. The kids are picked up from school and brought to the club to grab a snack, do some physical activities and learn elementary English. “Kids learn English through fun games. At the same time, they learn other useful skills, such as helping others and remembering the word ‘please’.”

The best reaction to the afternoon clubs comes from parents. ”They come to me asking why their son is suddenly helping their mum with chores. And of course: why they talk about dancing all the time”, Danny laughs.

DBDC is also one of the performers at the night party of Twinkle Tampere. “I love this angle about Twinkle: business and entertainment under the same roof."

DBDC is planning new openings in Ylöjärvi and Kangasala in the near future.