The story about Tampere and Finland in an Argentinian newspaper

On 7th of July the article ”Mendocinos cuentan su experiencia en Finlandia” was published in an Argentinian newspaper called Diario Uno. The person behind this story is Argentinian Emilce Kopra, who is currently living in Tampere with her family. In the artcle, Emilce and her family are sharing their story about the life in Finland.

This is how Emilce Kopra describes how the story ended up to the Diario Uno newspaper:

The article was published in one of the biggest newspapers of my hometown (Mendoza). The journalist was looking in a facebook group called Argentinians in Finland for people born and raised in Mendoza, who would now be living in Finland. I send her a private message and she answered back super fast. We exchanged some messages and after two days we had a video call interview.

Finland has long been associated in international news with its top-level achievements in education indexes and environmental initiatives, among other aspects.  In Argentinian politics, its name has begin to sneak into some speeches as a strategies to show which models to follow. This replicates in phrases such as "We should be like Finland" which is being repeated by the citizens.

For this reason they approached me, to have the point of view of someone who actually lives in this model country.

The article talks a bit about how I met my husband and how I came here and how my family followed me (my architect sister and my retired parents). We're talking about what was difficult to adapt to (which was cold and language). After that we explain how the state itself is looking for the foreigners to learn the language quickly to overcome this limitation through their Integration plan.

Then we talk about the differences there are in health, safety, environmental preservation, maternity leave and salaries. And how everything works the way it does because people are educated to follow the rules since they are little. The article ends up with explaining a bit how the educational system works and how it differs from Argentinian model.

Photo: Laura Vanzo