Yi Fang says he has two identities, Finnish and Chinese. He is currently employed by Robit, the Lempäälä-based manufacturer of high quality drilling equipment.

He first came to Finland to study after graduating from high school, when he was seventeen. He majored in international business.

”My home town Nanchang is a twin city of Valkeakoski, so I began my career in Finland working for business projects in Valkeakoski.”

Later he was with Nokia for more than ten years. When Robit decided to enter the Chinese market, he saw this as an opportunity to use his talent and experience.

Yi Fang sees ample opportunities for Finnish business developments in China:

”First, the growth. Everybody's heard about and seen in television the Chinese growth of the last few years, but I have actually been there. I have witnessed it on the ground.”

”Second, the vast scope of the market. The millions of people and money in the billions. The last five to eight years have seen a geat expansion of not only diplomatic but also business relations between our countries.”

”Thirdly, the Chinese are open to co-operation in the field of high tech products. Companies like Robit have specialized products. Particularly in the Tampere Region we have many more companies with high quality products that could enter the Chinese market.”

Yi Fang wants to emphasize that companies like Robit have chosen wisely to employ the right sort of people to handle these relations:

”You need someone who is familiar with the cultural differences; who knows how to speak and act in the different situations to open doors for further co-operation.”

Yi Fang has no doubt that the Tampere Region has all the ingredients for a bright future in this field. Personally he intends to stay here to watch and help this future happen.

Yi Fang is Robit's Sales Manager on the Chinese maket