International talent is welcome

Lavinia Husa is an Associate at the Tampere office of the law firm Borenius. She advises the firm's clients on insolvency issues, restructuring proceedings and other corporate matters.

Originally she comes from a bilingual home in Malta. Besides Maltese and English she picked up Italian as a child, then added French during her studies and is by now quite fluent in Finnish.

After working as an advisor on EU matters at the Office of the Maltese Prime Minister, Lavinia joined another Finnish law firm in 2012, then worked at the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, and was eventually headhunted by Borenius.

Jari Gadd, the head of the Borenius Tampere office, reminds that at least 50 per cent of the firm's assignments have international dimensions:

”Of course we handle some purely domestic bankruptcy matters, but many assignments are connected to the international business environment in the Tampere Region, for one client we even established a company in Malta."

Jari has also moved to Tampere from elsewhere, having gone to school in Pieksämäki, Eastern Finland. Tampere was where he started his career in 1991, and he has actually been practicing his profession in Tampere ever since.

Both Lavinia and Jari are looking forward to Twinkle Tampere, the networking event which will bring together businesses and international contacts. The event is to take place in December this year.

”It's important for newcomers to realize that positions do exist and international talent is welcome. It makes all the difference for an enterprise trying to establish connections in, for instance, South America, if they can rely on someone who's already familiar with the environment”, Jari said, and continued: ”Many of our clients have plenty of international personnel who are able to communicate in the cultural context of the market in which they operate.”

At Borenius, international talent can be used in international assigments. Lavinia Husa and Jari Gadd in their office in Tampere.