IT talent wanted. Origin: the globe.

Tecnotree is a global provider of IT solutions and digital services to telecom operators. Its Tampere office was established a year ago and, nowadays, keeps around 40 employees busy.

What is it like to hire people to a multicultural work environment?

“Because we work on new technologies, only a handful of people have the required skills. Therefore, we always look for the most suitable person, regardless of their nationality. It makes sense to hire e. g. international students, who have the talent and who already live in Finland”, says HR Coordinator Jenni Fredriksson-Bass.

Every third employee in the Tampere unit has a non-Finnish background. Director Ari Aalto explains the reasons for the diversity: “Most of our corporate operations are located in India, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America – close to our biggest customers. This mixture comes naturally to us.“

Yuri Barseghyan is from Armenia. He moved to Joensuu, Finland to study IT years ago and is now Technical Lead at Tecnotree. He finds the balance between work and the rest of one’s life to be healthy in Finland. Yuri places a high value on his multicultural workplace: “When you work in a global setting with a variety of cultural habits and beliefs, respect for others can’t be stressed enough.”

There are benefits from the employer’s perspective, too. “Product features that Finns alone wouldn’t consider important, could be an asset in other areas we operate in”, Jenni says. Yuri adds an example: “Pre-paid tele services, which are considered unnecessary – even suspicious – by Finns, are a norm in Africa.”

Why not think outside the box? The sometimes small but meaningful aha moments may produce a key differentiator, which sets your product apart from that of the competitor.

Tecnotree operates all over the world. Jenni Fredriksson-Bass, Yuri Barseghyan and Ari Aalto are based in the Product Development Unit in Tampere.