Know their motivation and they will shine

“Which of these truly motivates your team member: a larger bonus or just showing them your appreciation for well-done work? You might be surprised to find out“, Päivi Mayor states.

Mayor is an entrepreneur at Reiss Motivation Profile Nordic Ltd and a lecturer in Tampere University of Applied Sciences TAMK. She is the writer of the recently published book Opas yksilölliseen motivointiin (‘Guide to Individual Motivation’).

The Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP) – a scientifically proven assessment of motivation – lists a person’s desires, the greatest motivators in his or her daily actions. Examples of such desires are the individual’s social status or family.

In her work in Tampere, Mayor has found it rewarding to help people become better leaders with the help of RMP. “In a leading position, it’s essential to know who you are – but to be able to lead your team successfully, you have to know what drives them, too.”

Applications of RMP to everyday life are various, and the motives remain quite stable over time. Mayor sheds light on how RMP could be used to map out the right career paths for students in schools. RMP could also help elderly people with making a living will, thus taking eventual guesswork out of patient care.

Having had years of experience in living abroad, Mayor knows a thing or two about multicultural working environments. As a coordinator of one of the customized workshops at Twinkle, Mayor is seeking more bright answers to questions about international teams. How to quickly build trust within such a team? How to match the chemistry of co-workers?

“With RMP, you can delve below the surface. You learn that different people can be after the same motives”, Mayor explains and continues, “We’re humans with our basic desires, after all, regardless of our cultural background.”

Päivi Mayor is one of the facilitators at Brightshop at Twinkle Tampere.