Study Advisory: from Tampere to the World

Being international in the heart of Tampere

Study Advisory is a Finnish start-up that aspires to create an online higher education hub, the first one in Finland. In practice it offers universities an easy, modern and attractive way for getting international visibility while making the perfect match between prospective students and universities.

At the same time, the Study Advisory University search allows its users to search and compare universities worldwide based on student reviews and universities’ own marketing material added into the university profiles. As the website gets enriched with more and more university profiles, the students can find more information and choose better a place to study. In addition to regular academic rankings, one can follow the Study Advisory Popularity rating which is a unique feature based on students’ reviews.

Current and former students can leave reviews where they evaluate their experience at each university and they may include advice on practical matters or student life for the future students. For each review given by a student to a university profile, Study Advisory donates 0,25€ towards UNESCO’s Program for Education of Children in Need.

Study Advisory is truly dedicated to internationalization. In addition to enriching both offices, in Tampere and Hong Kong, with staff and interns of various nationalities and backgrounds, the company is running a campaign which aspires to start a public discussion. With the InternationalSuomi100 campaign, Study Advisory aims to find at least 100 Finnish companies who break language barriers in the workplace and hire non-Finnish speakers.

During this spring, Study Advisory is running a UX project in collaboration with Demola. The goal of this project is to add more user value on the website and improve the usability. The project team consists of a diverse group of students from various academic backgrounds such as peacekeeping, architecture, etc. The students come from Finland, Germany, Hungary, UK and Vietnam. This international group of students fits perfectly in the multicultural profile that Study Advisory aims for.

For the future, Study Advisory is designing a project called Fin-Ed Hub which will implement new technologies to assist universities with admissions and improve their international student recruitment processes. At the first stages, the project will be tested in collaboration with selected universities in Finland. In the long run, the company plans to further develop this service and to implement it on a global level with many partners.

At the core of it "voices from students for students are one of the most important features. They can highlight some aspects of the different institutions that you wouldn't find in any other way", adds Sami Puttonen, Managing Director at Study Advisory.  

Photo: Alexandra, Marika, Alba, Meeri, Sami, Dimitra (from left to right.)