Talents giving good questions at Kasvu Open

Kasvu Open is a competition for companies looking for growth together with growth experts in Finland. The Growth Track “Internet of Things” had its third, Talents for Growth Workshop in Hervanta, Tampere, on 19th of May. This new workshop was meant to be a platform to find know-how for the companies from Talents – local experts in the fields of engineering IT, marketing and much more. The next step will be the final on 9th of June.

The greatest barriers to growth for companies are financing and a lack of competence. Teams of two or three Talents were sent to tackle these – to generate new solution ideas.

The workshop was launched by 15 companies – with products and services ranging from interactive maps to mobile tools for managers. Each of them gave a 2-minute pitch. After that, it was time for the Talents to introduce their teams through a short pitch. The rest of the day was dedicated to meetings between company representatives and Talent teams. Each company got the opportunity to meet five teams.

The talents Zheng Xu and Elizaveta Daviskiba were well prepared for this workshop. They had met once a week as a team, to discuss the companies’ issues and their solutions: “The atmosphere at the meetings has been respectful. The companies really listen to us. I feel inspired”, says Xu.

Elizaveta Daviskiba and Zheng Xu challenged Kasvu Open companies with their good questions

Jarmo Rintamäki from Tredea has participated in putting the talent teams together since March. “The talents had heard the companies’ pitches once before gathering the teams. The point was to to meet the companies with open minds: first to listen and then ask questions or present new ideas.”

Talents Reyver Serna and Sanming Qiu had also been in close conversation as a team before this workshop, because they shared their interest in similar companies. “We’ve shared roles for today’s meetings. I’m responsible for the communication, Sanming has better knowledge of building products”, Serna smiles.

Qiu is excited about the idea of talents giving a work proof based on their knowledge: “We can use our networks and conduct market research in new target markets – for example, my Chinese contacts in China. Companies recognise that there’s a market in another country, but they don’t necessarily have the contacts or the competence to market their products and services there.”

On conclusion, companies, as well as the talents, shared their experiences from the day. One company had figured out their next steps very clearly: how to proceed from piloting to funding, from selling the idea to a clear brand picture. Others had received perspectives on Chinese and Russian markets, ideas for marketing and product development, ideas on where to find the needed talents or cooperating companies. As Mika Parikka, CEO at TreLab, puts it: “We did get some out-of-the-box ideas from the Talents. Good questions, though, gave more than ready answers."

Talents for Growth workshop brought together companies, talents and experts