Pooya and Negar are an Iranian married couple living in Tampere. They have managed to carve a niche for a family working in two different surroundings.

Originally Pooya came to Tampere in 2007 to study at the University of Technology. He soon got a position as a research assistant and has been able to both work and study ever since. Now, in 2015, his doctoral dissertation is ready.

This spring Pooya took part in an entrepreneurship course arranged by Tredea in English. He wanted to find out about the difficulties and possible benefits of starting up a company in Finland.

– The taxation is a bit difficult, but the positive side is you always pay a fixed tax. It doesn't matter whether you make a thousand or a billion euros a year.

Pooya and Negar got married three years ago and Negar moved to Finland two years ago.

Negar got a Master's degree in the University of Tehran, while working for a company that provided information services for the Central Bank. It wasn't easy to leave that to come to Finland, but everything has turned out well.

Last year Negar did some language training in Tredea and found a job.

– I like to work, so I was always looking for a position. The colleagues offered some useful guidance. I applied for a job at Nokia Networks and got it.

Pooya and Negar are seriously considering the possibilities of establishing a company in Finland, although this is not going to happen in a short time.

– Tampere is a fast-growing city. Helsinki is already saturated, so starting something new is more difficult.

As a family they feel Tampere has some advantages over Helsinki:

– In Tampere you can get all the services you get in Helsinki, but you don't have nearly as many problems of a large city, like traffic jams and pollution.

Pooya and Negar have found interesting career paths in Tampere​​
Pooya and Negar have found interesting career paths in Tampere​​