The innovation center New Factory looks busy, as it presumably always does. Not chaotic, though: media professional Yuliya Nesterenko has things under control.

She was born in Kazakhstan in 1994, but always wanted to live in Europe:

            – I knew that Finland is one of the best countries in terms of education and living standards, so I pursued my dream and prepared for the exams. I got in and started my studies in Mikkeli. Then I decided I wanted something bigger and came to Tampere. A few days ago I graduated from the International Business program here at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

In March 2015 Yuliya had a life-changing event. She took part in the Talent Tampere video pitch competition arranged by Tredea. She won. Two weeks after her triumph she got a job.

            – I made a lot of connections at the Technopolis business breakfasts. I got a call from New Factory. They were looking for a social media co-ordinator and after a couple of casual interviews I started working right away.

Yuliya claims she has always loved even the weather in the Nordic countries. Her expectations were high, but things have turned out better than expected:

            – For a girl from Kazakhstan everything was shocking, in a positive way.

Currently Yuliya is learning Finnish and intends to live here for the rest of her life:

            – Tampere, especially, provides a friendly environment and a lot of opportunities for foreigners. The atmosphere in New Factory and Demola is absolutely amazing. This is the best place to work in, the most international place in Tampere. I'm so lucky being able to do what I love.

Yuliya Nesterenko taking care of business at the ripe age of 20.​
Yuliya Nesterenko taking care of business at the ripe age of 20.​