Applying for universities in Tampere

Applying to study at Tampere universities is one of the best choices for pursuing your professional goals and promoting your academic visions.

University of Tampere (UTA) provides several master and PhD programs in English. For instance, Master of Global and Transnational Studies, Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research, Media Education and so forth. Another important activity of this university is organizing student ambassadorship in order to do conduct marketing and disseminate information about University of Tampere and assist new applicant. Lauren Stevens, one of the active university ambassador, says her intentions were to share her experience at UTA with others, and also to suggest improvements for integrating international students into UTA and develop her participation in extracurricular activities. According to Lauren’s presentation, the purpose of the UTA Student Ambassador network is to:

  • represent UTA to prospective students
  • market UTA in her own channels
  • provide an authentic student perspective through sharing her experiences as an international student

Another high ranked academic destination for applicants is Tampere University of Technology (TUT) which is a great place for engineers and technical professionals. TUT offers several bachelor and master programs in English. According to TUT’s introduction on their website the University collaborates with 230 universities around the world and every year more than 150 international degree students and 400 exchange students start their studies at TUT. All in all, TUT is an active community of ca. 10 000 students and 2000 employees.

Tampere University of Applied Science TAMK is also offering several bachelor and master programs in English. For instance in bachelor degree programs, you can apply for Media and Arts, Energy and Environmental Engineering and International business. Master programs in English include Information Technology, International business management, Management and Economy in the international forest sector and Screenwriting. Moreover, you can take part in extension studies and also Open University through TAMK University.

According to TAMK website studying in Master's degree programs at TAMK includes receiving 60-90 credits in extent, and take 1-2 years to complete. It is possible to study on a master's programs while working full-time, because there are only 2-4 days of face-to-face teaching per month. Applicants must have a bachelor's degree and three years of work experience.

Moreover, Tampere is conducting a project called Tampere3 aiming to merge forces in UTA, TUT and TAMK to create a research platform for interdisciplinary studies in area of the economy, technology, health and society.

All in all, if you are willing to promote your academic studies, you have a wide variety of options. Moreover, you can always ask your questions from ambassadors, they will be happy to help you!