Applying for work

Jobhunting requires following the society around you: follow the markets and industry, read newspapers and magazines, discover interesting phenomena in the society, get to know people and keep your eyes open. Be brave and contact interesting companies and tell what you can offer them.

In Finland, applications sent merely by e-mail often go unnoticed because of the high volume of correspondence. Be active and make personal contact by phone in addition to the tailored compact CV and motivational letter!

CV (Curriculum vitae) and cover letter

A CV is one of the most important components of job searching. An excellent written CV is very important as it determines whether you make it to the job interview or not. While writing your CV, make sure that you include at least contact information, personal information (day of birth, gender, etc.), education (include info on majors, minors, etc.), work experience (duration, main tasks...), language skills (remember to mention any Finnish language skills regardless of how basic they are), computer skills and references. Two pages is generally considered to be the maximum lenght of a CV. Remember to keep your CV up to date. Also customise your cover letter to address the interests of the employer.

You can post your CV and cover letter in CV netti (service only Finnish and Swedish) where potential employers can view your CV at any given time. The service is open 24 hours a day.

Europass CV

Europass CV is a European CV whose purpose is to help students and workers show their know-how in Europe. The documents are in use in the same form in all the EU/EEA countries. The Europass is especially useful for people who seek work tasks in another European nation or apply to a foreign education programme.

Job interview

Always prepare yourself carefully for job interviews. Make sure you know enough about the company and the field. At the very least read the company’s website. Think of answers to the most common interview questions beforehand and also some questions you can ask the employer. Plan your trip to the location properly to avoid getting to the interview late. Dress appropriately for the position.

Remember to take copies of your CV and other references with you. If you are looking for a new job while you are still working for someone else, take a temporary reference or your employment contract to the job interview.

Social media in jobhunting

Social media has got more and more important in finding work and professional development in Finland. Use social media tools in finding information about certain fields, promoting your expertice and connecting to employers and other professionals. Especially LinkedIn is important tool for professional networking and jobhunting, but depending the field of profession also Twitter and Facebook are widely used.

Here are some useful groups in social media for professional connections:

Photo by Opa Latvala​
Photo by Opa Latvala​