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Workplace Finnish training is a language training specifically designed for working life. It improves spoken and written communication skills needed at work.

For whom? Employees with foreign background or immigrant enterpreneurs working in Finland. Residence permit and active employer contract/enterprice registered in Finland required.
Time and location: 30 hours face-to-face learning + 10 hours individual learning in TAKK premises in Tampere (Tampereen valtatie 15) March - May 2017.

Estimated costs for a company/enterpreneur: 212 €/participant (in a group of 4 participants). The cost of the training is determined according to group size and company size.

Notice! If the company has at least 4 participants in a training, the length and teaching method can be tailored according to the employer’s needs.

Sounds good? For more information: http://bit.ly/2jnNz0o

Workplace Finnish language training is part of the services for employers provided by TE Office international employment services. http://www.te-services.fi/te/en/employers/find_an_employee/developing_international_work_community/index.html