Do you want to learn Finnish at work?

The regional TE Office is proud to present its new service called workplace Finnish language training (työpaikkasuomi).

Workplace Finnish is a language training specifically designed for working life. It helps foreign workers obtain work-related language skills and improve their spoken and written communication skills.

The training is customized according to the employer’s needs and on the basis of profession and work tasks.

“The training will help you to succeed in your job. The trainings focus on the situations that are related to your everyday working life. You can boost your speaking skills, learn words and phrases specific to your job or practice listening to native speakers.” says Maija Niskavirta from Labour Mobility in Europe project.

Workplace Finnish trainings have been held on many different sectors, such as health sector, agriculture and IT sales and consultation. Trainings usually last for 2-6 months with 4 hours of training per week. Training sessions can be held even in the form of distance education or during evenings and weekends.

Trainings can also be organized among several employers/entrepreneurs.

“At the moment we are looking for individual participants to join a workplace Finnish training starting in October. It is organized as a shared training with several employers or immigrant entrepreneurs. An ideal size of the group would be 4 participants, when the shared cost for a small employer would only be about 200 €.” says Kati Vaahtila from Pirkanmaa TE Office.

Workplace Finnish language training is part of the services for employers provided by TE Office international employment services.

“New services aim to increase international recruitment among employers.” says EURES Adviser Tuula Suihko.

Tuula Suihko (left), Maija Niskavirta and Kati Vaahtila (right) serve you at the TE Office in Tampere

Contacts and other additional information is available in the attached brochure.