EKI workbook for you to learn Finnish at the workplace

Practical exercises for adults to improve their language skills at the workplace.

EKI workbook is targeted for immigrants to support their Finnish studies during practical trainings or starting in a new jop. It is aimed to be used together with the tutor or a college. The exercises can be carried out for example in parts or occasionally when it is needed to learn more about the language. You can choose the exercises which suit for you the best with your tutor!

The level of the exercises is A2 and EKI helps to improve the the language skills up to the level B1. Workbook gives information for the tutor about language learning and how the workplace can support employee’s language studies. Studying with the workbook EKI! should be started by filling up the evaluation forms in the beginning and in the end of the exercises. This helps to see the results in learning Finnish and also the future needs in learning the language.

It is important to use the EKI workbook together with your tutor and regularly. You can also use EKI with your mobile devices.

You can find EKI! here: https://e-tyokirja.takk.fi/

EKI will help you to learn Finnish.​