Ensimetri – your guide on the path to setting up your own business

The decision to start your own business is a huge one, but it is always good to investigate the possibilities. Whatever stage your idea has reached, don’t give up on it. There can never be too many visions for new business enterprises. The purpose of Ensimetri is to help people who plan starting their own business to obtain all the necessary information and adopt the approach needed to develop the thought into an operational business idea. Get in touch and investigate your options! You can benefit from the initial guidance counselling free of charge.

Ensimetri puts you in touch with a wide network of experts in different fields, in addition to our entrepreneurship counsellors. Together we strive to create as good operational preconditions as possible for your company, and to create permanent jobs.

More expertise is needed in different fields of work and types of entrepreneurship. If you are interested in helping people who are considering starting their own business and you think you are an expert in your field, contact the Ensimetri office. New business enterprises mean new possibilities for established companies as well. For you or for your company, new or old, they may mean new market potential, co-operation, or opportunities to rationalise your operations.

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