Infopankki (Info Bank)

Infopankki service provides visitors with reliable information on topics ranging from moving to Finland, working, studying and living here to education, health, family, problem situations and leisure time. The site contains many external links to websites maintained by different authorities and organisations.

Infopankki service languages include Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, Estonian, French, Somali, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Persian and Arabic. The information contained in the different language versions is identical. In addition, the Infopankki pages include shortened versions in Kurdish and Albanian.

On the Work and Enterprice pages you find specific information on these topics:

  •     Coming to Finland to work
  •     Where to find work?
  •     Becoming an entrepreneur in Finland
  •     Starting a business
  •     Obligations of the entrepreneur
  •     Rights of the entrepreneur
  •     Finnish company culture
  •     Support for the entrepreneur
  •     Taxation
  •     Employee’s rights and obligations
  •     Employer’s rights and obligations
  •     Foreign diploma or degree in Finland
  •     If you become unemployed
  •     Pension
  •     Finnish working culture

On the Moving to Finland page you find specific information e.g. on residence permits and social security depending on your status and the reason of entry to Finland as an employee, a student, a family member etc.

Infopankki contains also Tampere-specific information.