Invitation for MENA Talents to visit International Subcontracting Trade Fair 28.9.2016

Welcome to join MENA Talent group visit for International Subcontracting Trade Fair on Wednesday 28.9.2016 in Tampere.

What: MENA Talent group visit to annual International Subcontracting Trade Fair.

When: Wed 28th September as of 10:15. It's good to reserve at least 3 hours for the purpose. The meeting point is at the Tampere railway station.  Sirkka Siikamäki and Imaneh Ameli will meet you there.

Where: There is a free and direct bus transportation for the Fair at Tampere Exhibition and Sport Centre, Ilmailunkatu 20, 33900 Tampere (c. 15 minutes from the railway station).

To whom: MENA Talents looking for new opportunities, networking and direct business contacts with Finnish companies.

Why: Annual International Subcontracting Trade Fair is the most important meeting venue for top Finnish companies with 17 000 visitors, 2000 new innovations, seminars and 1000 exhibitors from 20 countries. Subcontracting Fair 2016 focus in digitalization and leadership themes.

Join our MENA Talent group visit! We are going to have a guided tour and a company task at Subcontracting Fair by Mrs. Sirkka Siikamäki who has been working with international Matchmaking Events at Subcontracting. After the tour there is possibility to stay longer at the Fair.

  1. We are going to have max 20 person for guided MENA Talent group visit so register as soon as possible, latest by Monday 26.9.2016Please register in advance: Tredea
  2. Free entrance for Subcontracting Fair. Please print the entrance badge yourself. In case you do not register in advance, you might have to pay an entrance fee. If you have no possibility to print badge please contact Imaneh.ameli@tredea.fi . She will print the badge for you. It has been agreed with Talent Tampere that in the entrance badge you could add in “company” space: Talent Tampere and in case you want in “job description” Member in Talent Tampere. Please register in advance:  Subcontracting Trade Fair

In case you need further information please do not hesitate contact Imaneh.ameli@tredea.fi

We look forward to meeting you for MENA Talent group visit for the fair 2016!

Best  regards,
Sirkka and Imaneh