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KASVU OPEN 2016 in Tampere

What is Kasvu Open?

Kasvu Open is the largest project for sparring eager to grow companies with growth experts in Finland. Throughout the competition every eager to grow company has an opportunity to present own growth plan to a great number of experts free of charge. As a result, companies have a clarified growth plan, enlarged network of the best possible growth venture experts and investors in the country.

In 2016 over 900 experienced managers will meet 455 small and medium size companies for a total amount of time exceeding 4550 hours. Following the main goal of Kasvu Open, hundreds of experts offer own knowledge and skills on a voluntary basis. Kasvu Open gathers growth professionals, investors and other partners into one solid network, which supports companies.

The very first Kasvu Open in Tampere has the special growth track focusing on Internet of Things (IoT). By 9th March 44 companies applied for the programme. Kasvu Open is free of charge for all, but both companies and talents will have to apply to and be selected for the process. 

What is the Talents for Growth programme in Kasvu Open?

In Tampere, as a talent you can have a unique opportunity to meet growth-seeking IoT-related companies and get a chance to pitch your own know-how to these companies’ key persons. During the Kasvu Open® Runway to Growth workshops, the companies will amplify their growth potential and become aware of the expertise that they need for growth. By solving these growth-oriented companies’ challenges in cooperation with them, you can build up your own work possibilities and future cooperation. By participating as a Talent, you can expand your network and get valuable experience of selling your know-how.

This is the first time Talents, who are seeking for new opportunities, generate solution ideas for these companies’ growth challenges. Talents will meet the companies' key persons and tell their solutions to the growth challenges and demonstrate their know-how. In addition to the valuable face-time with company representatives and excellent networking opportunities, all participants will get diplomas and the reference of Kasvu Open as well as tickets to Carnival of Growth event to network with more companies. The best talents / talent teams will also be interviewed and get extra publicity.

Talents can apply for the program by filling in the application here by 21st of March 2016. Chosen ones will be notified latest on 24th March 2016. Talents should be able to participate both on 30th March at 8-12  and on 19th May at 8-16.

Participating companies

The following companies have been selected to Kasvu Open / IoT growth track: (Note! not official translations)

  1. TreLab Oy: www.trelab.fi (Tampere)
    TreLab Ltd is a high-tech company, which has developed a wireless smart measurement solution (SmartTags, Smart Data Mill). TreLab solution improves real-time operational view on critical legacy Industrial Equipment and facilities. Fast, simply, and cost-efficiently.
  2. Quva Oy: www.quva.fi (Tampere)
    Quva Oy is an industrial big data integration and analytics company. They help their customers to develop their business through utilization of all the data they are collecting. By utilizing big data analytics companies can increase productivity even by 50 percent and make decisions faster than their competition 5 times more likely. We aim at bringing these numbers a reality for our customers.
  3. Watertuned: www.watertuned.com (Nokia)
    Watertuned develops for global markets a patented IoT-system helping households to manage their water consumption.
  4. Cozify Oy: en.cozify.fi (Espoo)
    Cozify is a wireless smart home hub that is easy to set-up, use and expand – and it looks great! The Cozify Hub connects smart devices from different manufacturers into one seamlessly working entity. Everything is controlled from the intuitive Cozify application.
  5. Runteq Oy: www.runteq.com (Tampere)
    Runteq Ltd is a Finnish company with unique innovations for recreational and professional athletes and smartphone app developers. Runteq is aiming to be the best in wearable sports technology and related solutions business.
  6. IGL-Technologies Oy: www.igl.fi (Tampere)
    IGL-Technologies Ltd. is a rapidly growing supplier of wireless remote systems and automation technology. The IGL expertise is mainly in technology related to parking management. IGL’s product for remote control of electric vehicle charging stations in parking spaces use wireless radio and mesh technologies that makes expensive wiring work are unnecessary. IGL-Technologies is an expert in wireless control systems and solutions. The company has experience in short-range networks for a number of years. We have also taken advantage of NFC / RFID technologies, GSM/GPRS/3G networks as well as other wireless networks in our products.
  7. Flux (no www-site available yet), (Tampere)
    Flux is a user-friendly application combining building's service manual, apartment's household manual and censor technology. It also collects big data for further utilization. 
  8. Collapick Company Oy: www.collapick.com (Joensuu)
    Ponniste is a system for communication and visualisation of production to reduce unnecessary efforts and running around. Ponniste helps employers to focus on the productive work and the management is able to follow up the status of the production in real time. This results in early identification of problems and gaps in the production processes.
  9. Citec Oy Ab: www.citec.com (Tampere)
    Citec Finland offers the whole Citec service range, in other words multi-discipline engineering and information management services to the Energy and Power industry and other technology-dependent industries.
  10. TPI Control Oy: www.tpi.fi/en (Pirkkala)
    TPI Control is an expert service company studying and analysing the state of heat transfer processes. Based on our examinations we offer and implement solutions to make the heat transfer process and its maintenance more effective.
  11. Vektorio Oy: https://vektor.io/ (Ylöjärvi)
    Database planned for mobile and IoT-devices.
  12. Finnpos Systems Oy: www.finnpos.fi/eng (Tampere)
    Finnpos Systems Oy is Finland’s leading POS systems supplier for the restaurant and petrol retail industries. Our strategy is to specialize in these two high-demand sectors.
  13. Exafore Oy: www.exafore.com (Tampere)
    Exafore Oy is a 2015 founded positioning solutions company that develops positioning systems and geographic information analyzing the applications in the enterprise market.
  14. Citynomadi Oy: www.citynomadi.com (Tampere)
    Enriching maps with your own open source or crowdsource -information. We brand different functions and visualisation cost-efficiently, flexibly, globally and scalably. Nomadi-release channel helps our customers to lower the threshold for the mobile use of maps. We operate in the nature and in the cities, and our customers can adjust applicalble maps according to their wishes as well as update information and language versions. Ask Us Where To Go!
  15. Eränelo: www.eranelo.fi (Pälkäne)
    Application platform for mobile devices. Building for the Amazing Tampere -concept a platform to be used anywhere as you go.

Join KasvuOpen! Register for the information session and Kasvu Open as a talent in: http://www.tredea.fi/lomakkeet/kasvuopen-talents/

Additional information in the attached brochure and from the following persons:

Satu Haka, Coach, tel. 050 304 8779, firstname.lastname@kasvunroihu.fi
Marjukka Hourunranta, Talent Manager, tel. 040 801 2687, firstname.lastname@tredea.fi

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