Mindtrek 2017

Mindtrek is an international technology conference organized in Tampere, Finland. It’s all about making new connections and exchanging ideas across industry borders. The three main target groups are:

1. Public Sector:​ such as decision-makers, program directors, health-care professionals
2. Tech Sector:​ such as companies, developers, programmers, IT specialists
3. Academics:​ such as researchers, students, professors

In 2016, the conference attracted almost 1,200 participants from all around the world, with 38.8% of attendees coming from outside of Finland. On both Oct 17 & Oct 18, 2016 #mindtrek16 was Finland’s most tweeted hashtag!

In 2017, the conference will consist of the following events:

Open World
Immersive Tech
Smart City Event Tampere
Academic Mindtrek

In addition to these, Mindtrek Recruitment Event - powered by ONNIVATORS​ will take place on Wednesday afternoon. The event is open for talents interested in networking with companies represented in the exhibition area at Mindtrek. Following in the footsteps of the Makertech competition last year, Mindtrek Challenge​ - Innovation Competition and Pitching Event ​will be held as part of Mindtrek 2017 Conference. The competition is open for all developers, start-ups and SME's alike wanting to bring forward their ideas on a selection of challenges. The best ideas will be pitched during Mindtrek.