Pirkanmaa TE Office – Events and services for job seekers


Pirkanmaa TE Office organizes different kind of events and services for job seekers. Some of the services are meant only for Pirkanmaa TE Office’s  unemployed customers. Most of the events and services are held in Finnish, but some of them are in English.

We organize recruiting events like RecruIT (for IT professionals), Optio (for all job seekers), Sote (for social and health care professionals) and Nuorille töitä (job seekers under 30 years old).  In addition to the recruiting events, TE Office organizes theme afternoons. The topic of the theme afternoon varies. There have been theme afternoons for example about CV-net, recruiting process and social media. The new way to serve customers is webinars. You can watch live or recorded TE Services –webinars in the convenience of your home. These events and services are free and open for everyone.

We support you by providing different kinds of training.  TE-office offers group services, which give advice on how to modify your CV, how to succeed in a job interview or how to use social media in job hunting. You can book a place for the training via Pirkanmaa TE office homepage. There are also coaching services available, which you can apply for yourself or the employment specialist can guide you to the service. These services are targeted only for Pirkanmaa TE Office’s unemployed customers.

We inform you about our events and services via newsletter, event calendar on homepage, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. You can order a newsletter via Pirkanmaa TE Office homepage.