Student's Tampere association

Student’s Tampere (Opiskelijan Tampere) association is on-the-edge service provider for 70 000 university students high school and vocational students of Tampere and the province of Pirkanmaa.

Student’s Tampere is working for making everyday student-life better.  Our main services for students are providing student discounts, housing services for internationals and Finns and creating more student-friendly services with cooperation with the students, city of Tampere and all universities.  

The talk about a student friendly Tampere is not idle, which is visible in the board student benefit palette! Students that reside in Tampere and own a student card are entitled to over 200 different student benefits and discounts that vary from clothes and utility article discounts to welfare discounts and to benefits that enable a more affordable social life.  A good rule of thumb is: keep your student card with you and ask for a student benefit, wherever you go. If the shop/enterprise does not yet have a discount, give us a hint or encourage the company to get one immediately!  Check more of hundreds of student benefits from our website!

Mobility is the new black! Now you can download Students Pivo application (also in English), and all the student benefits are in your reach where-ever you go.  The newest mobile application can be downloaded from all the major application markets (Windows, Android, iOS).  Check how it works in video here!

Student’s Tampere also provide housing services. You can search for furnished housing from our INT-housing program or look for available apartments from the markets in our website!

During the academic year the city is packed with student events and festivals. Wondering what’s happening next? Check out our Find out more at http://opiskelijantampere.fi/en, where you can find all the interesting events and student happenings.