Talents for Growth in Tampere – join now!

What is the Talents for Growth program in Kasvu Open?

In Tampere, as a talent you can have a unique opportunity to meet growth-seeking companies and get to pitch your own know-how; generate smart solutions and growth ideas to maximize the companies' growth potential. 

Here are some of last year's flavors and outcomes

This program is part of a broader Kasvu Open initiative.

For the current program, you first have to apply and be selected for it. As a succesfully selected talent, throughout several weeks – and most intensively through 12.4.2017 - 19.5.2017 – you will take part in a dynamic co-creative process and attend Kasvu Open Runway to Growth workshops, where you will unfold and share your know-how through which companies may amplify their growth potential and become more aware of the expertise that they need for further growth. In paralell, by cooperating to solve their challenges, you may even build up your own future cooperation or work possibilities along with these growth-seeking companies.

In addition to the valuable face-to-face time with company key persons and excellent networking opportunities, all participants will get diplomas, as well as tickets to the second day of the Carnival of Growth – a huge event in Jyväskylä where different national branches of Kasvu Open come together to celebrate the best co-creative outcomes of the latest season.

Apply for the Talents for Growth program (deadline 31.3.2017).

The good news is that whether you get selected or not for the program itself, all applicants are welcome to the Growth Workshop at the end of the program by May – where there will be inspiring keynote speakers, and it is meant to be a singular occasion to mingle with the briskest people in the Tampere region!  

Detailed schedule

  • 22.3.2017 16:00 - 17:30 @Tredea, Talents for Growth info session
  • 5.4.2017 Selected talents confirmation notice
    Once the selected talents receive a confirmation notice, they will have until 9.4.2017 to choose companies of interest from a given company list; if a talent does not choose any company of interest, they will randomly be assigned companies to cooperate with.
  • 12.4.2017 8:00 - 16:00 @Technopolis Hermia, Runaway To Growth Workshop I
    Companies present their growth challenges to the talents; the selected 15 companies pitch.
  • 13 - 26.4.2017 Contacts and meetings with the companies 
    Between the previous workshop and the next, talents will meet the respective company representatives. The purpose is to ask for more information and test initial growth ideas.
  • 27.4.2017 15:00 - 18:00 @TalentSpace, Talents’ Idea Generation Workshop
    Defining and tuning growth ideas with the NABC model.
  • 4.5.2017 15:00 - 18:00 @TalentSpace, Talents’ Rehearsal Workshop
    Fine-tuning of the growth ideas, formulation of the selling pitch and its rehearsals.
  • 10.5.2017 14:00 - 16:30 @Technopolis Hermia, Runaway To Growth Workshop II & Kasvu Open Semifinals
    Talents present their growth ideas to the companies.
  • 19.5.2017 8:00 - 11:00 @TalentSpace, Final Growth Workshop & Talent Awards
    All talents and companies invited to this workshop. The Growth Track jury will award the best company cases and talent teams.
  • 26.10.2017 Kasvu Open Karnevaali 2017
    The Carnival of Growth takes place in Jyväskylä – where Kasvu Open was founded. It gathers members of all the Kasvu Open branches across Finland. An occasion to celebrate and share the best co-creative progress made in the latest season.

N.B.! All sessions take place in Tampere (except the Carnival for Growth). Also, if you participate as a talent we strongly recommend you to attend all the sessions and book the times in your agenda upon registration.  

There is also a brochure available. 

The Talents for Growth program is organized by Kasvun Roihu Oy, Tredea Oy and the City of Tampere. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact the talent organizers: 

Kasvun Roihu Oy / Kasvu Open
Satu Haka, satu.haka(at)roihu.com, tel. 050 304 8779

Tredea Oy / Talent Tampere
Marjukka Hourunranta, marjukka.hourunranta(at)tredea.fi, tel. 040 801 2687

City of Tampere / TreStart
Petteri Valonkallio, petteri.valonkallio(at)tampere.fi, tel. 050 524 7474

We are looking forward to see you very soon! 

Photo: Kasvu Open / Kaija Alila

Cover photo: Matias Ulfves