Talents on a mission at Kasvu Open – presenting the winning teams

Home to tech-startups and high tech talent, Tampere was the perfect location for Kasvu Open, the Internet of Things Growth Track. Brought to Tampere by Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea and hosted by Kasvun Roihu, this year marks the first time the competition was held in this city.

The IoT Growth Track was added a twist with a new component, Talents for Growth Workshop. In this workshop, the skills of 11 teams of international talents living in the Tampere region were made good use of. Their mission was to use their competence and to help find out answers to questions preventing the participating companies from growing.

The best talent teams were awarded at the Kasvu Open finals on 9th June. The top three, voted by the companies, were as follows:

  • Aditya Premi, Nina Harmes and Jarno Rekonius
  • Wenquan Chen, Harri Konttila and Abhijit Das
  • Zheng Xu and Elizaveta Daviskiba
The companies voted for the top three talent teams. From left: Petteri Valonkallio (TreStart), Jarno Rekonius, Nina Harmes, Aditya Premi, Harri Konttila, Abhijit Das and Elizaveta Daviskiba.

Nina Harmes thinks it was their teamwork and effort, which didn’t go unseen by the companies. She gives a big plus to the diversity of her team and praises the warm team spirit: “Jarmo has a great technical knowledge, Aditya is truly multitalented when it comes to beacons and stuff, or cross-cultural ideas. I have a background in Project Administration and HRD, so I took more on the role of the organizer; made suggestions on sources of funding for the companies to apply and created materials for the company meetings."

Glad about the experience. Zheng Xu originally heard about Kasvu Open IoT from his friends. Nina Harmes saw a brochure in Talent Space, a coworking space in Tampere.

Getting a chance to face-to-face meetings with companies turned out to be useful to Abhijit Das, who compared the Talents for Growth Workshop almost to a job interview on steroids. “Thinking back now, where else would you be meeting with five companies during one day? It’s a real opportunity to show what you can do. I even got invited to another interview by one of the companies afterwards.”

The teaming up of the talents was planned by Talent Tampere and TreStart. Talents vary greatly by age, their areas of experience, etc. So, there’s everything in the bunch, from students with fresh ideas to old hands with a long-term working experience. How to find even better matches from the talent pool in the future?

Harri Konttila encourages companies to make a better use of the talent resources and go more into detail, allowing smoother sailing for companies and talents alike: “Narrowing down your questions at an early stage is key, finding the exact ones you need help with. Communicate these to the talent teams clearly. The talents are willing to contribute, and reaching concrete results will motivate both parties.”