Tampere - it works like a dream

Tampere is the largest inland city in the Nordic countries and a traditional centre of Finnish industry. Today, the city is best known for its high tech and extensive know-how in various fields. Sophisticated high tech applications characterise not only the more expertise-intensive industries but also so-called traditional industries and products.

Tampere – it works like a dream.

You know right away, as soon as you see it. It’s the job of a lifetime. If you follow your career path to Tampere, it’s no exaggeration to say you’ll be steering your life in a better direction. With the important things, you just know.

Why do some places have that irresistible allure? There’s always something to fascinate, a depth of character from an uncontrived originality. More to the point, it just works. This is Tampere through and through. Everyday work life and long-term careers blend smoothly with sociable surroundings and an excellent quality of life.

Tampere is like a dream; one you want to wake up to. Few places are like Tampere, and for the people choosing to live here, there’s no place like home.

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Photo by Opa Latvala​
Photo by Opa Latvala​