Tampere - The Student Friendliest City in Finland

In addition to its beauty, excellent location and attractiveness, Tampere, the jewel of Pirkanmaa, is also the student friendliest city of Finland. Student friendliness is visible in Tampere in students' significant share in building the city culture, in the construction of the city around its three universities and also in the political activeness of the students. Student friendliness is a central theme of the city’s development strategy.

With its 35 000 university students Tampere is a true student city. Especially during the autumn the city is packed with student events and festivals, the biggest being the new student events of the Student Unions and Hämeenkadun Appro. You can enjoy the student events throughout the year, participate to the activities of various hobby associations or become a student politician!

Being one of the most populous cities in Finland, the services of Tampere are sufficient for even the most demanding students. Efficient public transport, outdoor and hobby possibilities, specialised shops and services for different groups, for example students with families, enable a good quality of life for all. In addition, Tampere has a vivid theatre, music and festival culture.

The talk about a student friendly Tampere is not idle, which is visible in the board student benefit palette! Students that reside in Tampere and own a student card are entitled to over 200 different student benefits and discounts that vary from clothes and utility article discounts to welfare discounts and to benefits that enable a more affordable social life.

Student benefits can be checked from Opiskelijan Tampere’s student benefit section and from the websites of your Student Union. A good rule of thumb is: keep your student card with you and ask for a student benefit, wherever you go. If the shop/enterprise does not yet have a discount, give us a hint or encourage the company to get one immediately!

Find out more at http://opiskelijantampere.fi/en