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TOITA - Talents of immigrants to activity

We offer an international business education for motivated immigrants. We build your expertise to the new level for expanding Finnish export business globally. The education contains classroom-learning and practical training to real-world companies.

Teaching starts on the 19 th of February 2018 and ends on 17th of August 2018. The total teaching period is 6 months out of which 3 months are contact-lesson and the rest are practical training. Taking part to this program includes travelling to companies inside Pirkanmaa region. This program is self-motivated, professional and supplementary.

The applicant should be unemployed job-seeker who has taken part to the integration-training or has proved employability by some other means.


professional degree, a long work experience or good skill in some branch.

Language skills: Finnish or English (level B), mother tongue (the best level)

Other skills: ICT, MS-Office

Interested candidates may send short open application and CV to toita@tamk.fi. The period to apply is from 25th of September to 27th of October 2017.

The organizer and educator: Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Provided by European Social Fund

More information

Marjo Harju, Project manager

Talents of immigrants to activity

Tampere Univeristy of Applied Sciences

Tel. 040 6314421