Virtual Guide application - test it!

Virtual Guide provides group traveller benefits for an individual traveller. It contains guiding, positioning, navigation, prepaid services and entrance fees on a predetermined route with interesting points of interests of Tampere city centre. You only need to download the application to your android mobile phone and you are ready for an amazing journey.

The current Virtual Guide is a demo version and we are keen to receive feedback on the experience of using the Virtual Guide application. As it is still under development, not all the functionality planned is yet available and the animation is still in early stages.

Nevertheless, you can experience interesting insights of Tampere city centre, receive a free lunch, free coffee with a cinnamon bun and free entrance to the Moomin museum. Only you need to do is to use the Virtual Guide Demo version. The sightseeing tour takes around 2 hours on foot. At the end, you will be interviewed by our team member about the application while enjoying coffee and bun, and after that you will receive a free ticket to the Moomin museum.

The demo application is available only for Android mobile phones. Test duration is around 2-3 hours. Application language is in English. We wish the test users would be Americans or English speaking Asian tourists. Testing starts after mid-July and runs till the end of August (tbc).

Please contact Tatu Niklas-Salminen, (tatu@tilaisuus.fi, tell. 040 964 5432), for further information on setting up the testing.